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Wow I can't belive that the last time I posted was in November last year and about the time we got Casper and Gizmo.

They are well and truely settled in and now have a little sister called Pris which we got from a friend of a friend.

See below some photos of how they are settling in :-).

This is Gizmo from a few weeks ago.  I took a photo of him on the bed with my iphone and the flash went off and this is the effect I got. 

This was when Pris arrived in our family.

And this is Pris now.  :-)

She has really settled in and looks relaxed.

Gizmo here was hiding under the flowers that we vowed never to have in the house again when we found out they are poisen to cats.

More Gizmo and Castper photos :-)

Casper and Gizmo looked through the glass door at the mysterious new visitor in the house Pris.  You can see Gizmo hissing behind the glass.

Pris Sits on my pillow.  She is in a I won't be moved mood even though I need the pillow to sleep on lol.

Casper and Gizmo sleeping with their new friend who they saved from the Claw.

Fish for the three wonderful cats.

They sit in cat nip heaven not sure what to play with first.  :-)

They pray to the god of Cheese on the kitchen counter in the hope the god will offer them some cheese in reward for their preyers.

Pris hangs out with the Japanese books trying to learn the language by being near the books.

No more photos of cats for a while.  I promise.


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