Jul. 5th, 2009

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the last few weeks has been going well, feeling a little better after a very stressful. I managed to help Pat sort out some problems at work near the end of the week but it all got a bit much on Friday morning and I had to take a time out from work and all till I felt better. Some of my colleagues came and found me to give me some kind words but felt a little embarrassed.

This weekend was lovely, Pat and I got to sleep in getting some much needed rest. In the afternoon we went to a Barbecue and got to see friends we had not seen for a while. It was nice to laze in the summer sun eating burgers and chatting with friends. They have this lovely Hammock which both Pat and I lay in gazing up at the trees for a few hours.

Today we slept in again then went to the cinema to watch Terminator Salvation. It was a good film. We ate at Nandos Chicken and Chips then had ice cream while watching the Movie so was a perfect afternoon.

I was almost led astray by believing that Jeff Goldbloom was dead but found out it was a rumour.

On Friday I also found out a colleague and manager from my old job was made redundant. she was an amazing manager. I feel really bad for her.


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